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Therapy Addressing the 
Unique Needs of Women

Image by Ravi Roshan

Are you exhausted and feeling like you're taking care of everyone else but yourself?

Are you beating yourself up, feeling like you're falling short and on everything you're trying to do?

Does work and home life overwhelm you so much that you are just exhausted?

Do you feel like things will never change?





As women (let's get real here), we have TOO much on our plates.  And there are too many expectations put on us.


We are supposed to be the PERFECT mother, wife, daughter, friend, worker.

We are supposed to keep it all together - and look good while we're at it. 


These responsibilities and expectations are just TOO MUCH SOMETIMES.  


I focus a significant part of my practice providing specialized therapy for women to help navigate these challenges.  Together, I will work with you in a supportive, non-judgmental, compassionate and safe space, helping you work through difficult emotions and opening the door for you to feel empowered to create the life that feels authentic and joyful. My job is to work along side of you, supporting you as you achieve your goals - whatever they may be.  


Your privacy is my biggest priority.  All services are available in my office or via a secure video platform at your convenience.  Let's work together to help you find clarity and create space for YOU.

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