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Therapy for
Substance Use Issues

Sad woman sitting on the floor in the bedroom with a bottle of alcohol. Unfocused wine gla
  • Are you finding yourself more concerned about your drinking lately?

  • Have you attempted to try to cut down on your drinking and been unsuccessful?

  • Is this effecting other areas of your life, such as your relationships, career or health?

  • Do you feel like even when things are "ok", you still have a habit of picking up a drink?

  • Do you want to seek some help but are afraid to be labeled an "alcoholic" and be told to attend a 12-step program?

  • Are you afraid if you come to therapy, you're going to be told to stop drinking?


Many of the people I see in therapy fall into the "grey area".  They definitely don't categorize themselves as "alcoholics" - yet, they admit having concerns about the amounts that they are drinking sometimes.

So...what will we do in therapy?

This means that we explore your relationship with alcohol. My philosophy is that drinking isn't always the main's often a symptom of a bigger problem.  It's my job to support you as you make connections between your drinking and other areas of your life that may be contributing to your desire to drink.


I offer compassionate, supportive and individualized treatment based on your goals. Whether you are looking to moderate your use, or stop completely, I am available to help you achieve whatever you are looking for.  Initial evaluations are used to help assess your needs and begin the planning process.  All of our work is a collaborative effort.  I offer both 12-step supported and alternative, holistic treatment approaches to recovery.  Let's work together to better understand how we can move you toward feeling better, stronger and healthier. 

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