Therapy Services

Are you feeling "stuck" in your life?
Have you started to lose hope that things will ever get better?
Feel like your life is passing you by and you're not truly living?

These are the common things I hear people say when they first come in the door.  Don't worry, you aren't alone. 

Therapy can be a transformative experience. As human beings, we are all resilient and capable of changing our lives, if we choose to.  Sometimes we just can't see it.  Sometimes we just need someone to help us find our path.  I invite you to read more about the services that I offer to see if I would be the right "fit" for you. Let's work together to help you create that life that you dream about. 

My areas of specialization include therapy for women, therapy for addiction and substance use, behavioral addictions and relationship issues.  Please click on services below to get additional information.  For your convenience, sessions are available at your convenience in office or via a secure video platform.