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Relationship Issues and Codependency

  • Are you finding that you don't feel the same towards your partner like you used to?

  • Has your relationship taken a back seat over the years to parenting, careers, etc and now you’re not sure how to deal with it?

  • Are you and your partner struggling with different needs in the relationship, such as emotional needs and sexual needs?

  • Are you or your partner curious about consensual non-monogamous lifestyles, such as polyamory or kink?

  • Have you repeatedly told your partner what needs to change but it NEVER changes?


Navigating our personal, intimate relationships can be a difficult task.  If you are finding that you are feeling confused, overwhelmed, exhausted or unsatisfied with your relationship, therapy can assist you in getting clarity and direction.  




Codependency treatment is available to those who find themselves in relationships that can constantly feel one-sided.  Often, these clients work hard to keep their relationship going with a lot of personal sacrifice.  This relationship pattern can lead one to experience low self-esteem, anger, people pleasing/caretaking behaviors, difficulty with intimacy and painful emotions (such as sadness, anger).



Therapy can be helpful for working through issues related to alternative relationship lifestyles (such as kink, BDSM and polyamorous relationships). There are often misconceptions about these lifestyles which are an important piece to address in therapy.  Whether you are in one of these lifestyles or are curious about entering into one of these lifestyles, we can work through the issues and feelings involved with navigating them.  



When a divorce takes place, it effects the entire family. It is certainly a life transition that no one expects to be going through and is one of the hardest, by far. How well (or not well) the adults handle the divorce often plays a large role in determining how much it will effect the relationship post-divorce and the co-parenting relationship. Therapy is a space and private space to work through these difficult emotions  and learning how to navigate life post-divorce. Common challenges facing divorcees include financial and economical strain, dealing feelings of fear, guilt, shame or anger while trying to "move on" and questioning self-identity.


Whether you are seeking help to decide whether or not to stay in a relationship - or, if you are struggling with trying to make your current relationship work, treatment is available to help you through that process.


Therapy provides a safe, confidential and supportive space for you to explore your feelings about your relationships. Together, we will work to help you establish healthier, more satisfying relationships in your life working collaboratively throughout the process.