You deserve to live the life you really want

Psychotherapy for the unique needs of women
throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Florida


On the outside, you seem like everything is fine.
But on the inside, you're suffering because this isn't how you envisioned your life. 



You have a life, but you don't really feel like you're living your life. 


You feel like you're never good enough.

No matter how hard you try, you can't seem to make people happy. 

You constantly second guess yourself.  "What am I doing wrong?" 

You never get time for yourself because you're always taking care of everyone else.  By the time you get a minute to yourself, you're just exhausted. 

Your relationship doesn't feel satisfying anymore but you can't imagine starting all over again. 

You feel like you've been drinking a little too much to take that edge off but it's not enough to give up drinking - so now what? 
Wheat field

This is where I can help.

Imagine if...


You could finally feel like you can get off of this rollercoaster you've been on for so long and enjoy the life you've worked so hard for

You could finally feel confident in yourself and excited to start your day

You could finally relax, laugh, enjoy life and be present with your loved ones

You could finally feel like your relationships have space for your needs too.

I love helping people create a life that feels more authentic, satisfying and joyful.


My Specialties

Your wellness matters just as much as those who you are caring for everyday.

Every action you take is a step towards who you want to become. 

You are deserving of a relationship that fosters your growth, brings you joy and allows you to be yourself.

What would it look like if your life reflected who you really are?

More Questions? Get in touch. 

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