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Substance Use and Behavioral Addiction Treatment

  • Have you gotten concerned about your drinking or drug use?

  • Have you attempted to try to cut down on your drinking and been unsuccessful?

  • Is your drinking or drug use effecting other areas of your life, such as relationships or work?

  • Do you feel like even when things are "ok", you are still unhappy?

  • Do you want to stop drinking or using drugs but aren't willing to try 12-step programs?

  • Do you just want to cut down on your drinking rather than stop completely?

  • Are you engaging in any another behaviors that have you concerned (such as gambling or pornography use)?




Alcohol use is something which has become synonymous with other types of self care in times of stress. “I’m stressed, I need a drink”  - you've heard that, right? Unfortunately, this can lead to the habit of drinking too often, nights out with friends binge drinking or to staying up late alone at night secretly drinking a bottle of wine, trying to "take the edge off".  Drinking has become a normal part of our culture.  Its acceptance and availability can make even the idea of cutting down seem impossible.  In therapy, we can explore what's going on and help you moderate your drinking - or to stop, of that is what you prefer. 



The availability of modern medicines such as anti-anxiety medications (Xanax, Valium, etc), stimulants (such as Adderal) and pain medications (including Oxycodone, Codeine, Hydrocodone) has led to increasing numbers of prescription drug misuse among adults. Our busy schedules and demanding lives do not leave opportunities for us to feel as if it's ok to slow down, take a break or take time to care for ourselves.  Use of these medications lead people to believe that they can function more optimally and "relax". However, for some this leads to more dependence on the medication and more serious negative consequences if/when it is cut down or stopped. 



Women today face unique challenges, expectations and responsibilities.  Balancing multiple roles such as parenting, partnership and career while also facing cultural pressures of “perfectionism”, women are at increased risk for mental health issues and development of substance use problems.  The “Mom Wine Culture” has normalized the idea of women looking to alcohol for comfort, socialization and stress relief but, it has also legitimized excessive and unhealthy alcohol use that, for some, turns into a very dangerous habit. 



When we hear the term “addiction” we often think of substances.  Behaviors can become equally if not more problematic in peoples’ lives.  These include:

  • Gambling

  • Sex/Pornography

  • Food

  • Social Media/internet Use

  • Shopping


Those who struggle with behaviorally based addictions often navigate similar issues with as compulsion, obsession, “cravings” and impulse-led risky behaviors. 




Whether you are experiencing problems with substance use or behavioral addiction, I offer compassionate, supportive and individualized treatment based on your goals. Whether you are looking to moderate your use, or stop completely, I am available to help you achieve whatever you are looking for.  Initial evaluations are used to help assess your needs and begin the planning process.  All of our work is a collaborative effort.  I offer both 12-step supported and alternative, holistic treatment approaches to recovery.  Let's work together to better understand what is going on in your life and how we can move you toward feeling better, stronger and healthier.