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Services Provided

Services Provided:

  • Individual Therapy (adults only)
  • Couples and Family Therapy
  • Parenting Coordination
  • Substance Abuse Assessment, Evaluation and Counseling
  • Clinical Supervision for LCSW, LPC and LMFT Candidates

Treatment specialization includes:

  • Alcohol/Drug use, abuse or dependency
  • Behavioral Addictions
  • Relationship Issues / Divorce Education / Co-Parenting Therapy
  • Women's Issues, including Codependency
  • Treatment for First Responders / Secondary Trauma
  • Depression, Anxiety and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Substance Abuse and Behavioral Addiction Treatment Services:

Treatment services are available to address drug/alcohol use, abuse or dependency as well as other behavioral addictions including gambling, internet, food, sex and codependency.  Treatment is tailored to meet each client's unique issues and needs.  I work collaboratively in all approaches to recovery including harm reduction, 12-step and non 2-step methods.  A thorough assessment is completed to evaluate level of treatment needed.  All treatment includes a full diagnostic assessment, relapse prevention planning, psychoeducation, referrals and opportunity for family and other multidisciplinary collaboration.   


Treatment Services for Families in Conflict:

Treatment services are available to assist couples and families in conflict and/or in the process of divorce or separation.  The end of a marriage can be a relief to some, but can also be a difficult, traumatic and emotional experience for all members of the family.  Many experience a wide range of emotions such as grief, guilt, shame, anxiety and fear.  Whether you are seeking help to decide whether to stay in a marriage or leave, or seeking help to make the transition from being married to single again, treatment is available to help you through that process.  I provide supportive counseling to help individuals and couples walk through this experience.  I also provide assistance with divorce education, co-parenting coordination and post-divorce transitioning. Moreover, I can provide you the space to handle the divorce process with minimal hostility and emotional damage as well as to address important issues such as living arrangements, custody and parenting issues. 


Treatment Services for First Responders:

On a daily basis, first responders experience trauma, violence and stressful situations which often can lead to depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress symptoms and substance abuse. I provide a safe, trusting environment whereby these issues can be addressed in a safe and confidential manner understanding the unique needs of these professions. My office includes a private entrance/exit which ensures privacy.  I will work collaboratively with departments, employee assistance programs and other treatment professionals as necessary


Clinical Supervision Services

I offer individual and group clinical supervision for LCSW, LPC and LMFT candidates as well as case consultation and professional mentorship for licensed clinicians n New Jersey.  My work is informed by years of experience working with individuals, couples and families in varies capacities.  I understand the needs of new clinicians who look for support in navigating their first experiences of clinical work and I find it very fulfilling to give back to those just starting out in their careers.  Our work together would include discussing your professional goals and ways to enhance and strengthen your clinical toolbox.  I am certified to provide Clinical Supervision in New Jersey to meet the requirements of clinical licensure.